After serving in the military, working in several different industries, educating myself in the California state system, living a Christian life and operating my own business for thirty years, I have been exposed to many philosophies and lifestyles.  This has influenced my way of thinking which has also had an impact on how I design my art.  I observe people, animals and other shapes which stimulate ideas for the compositions that I create.  I enjoy using unusual combinations of media for my art and often walk along roadways and wooded areas where I live to take in colors, textures, shapes and other elements for ideas to put to use in my compositions.

 I love working with strong value contrast as well as material contrast such as polished metal combined with a piece of rusty steel or other found objects with natural patinas.  I tend to step out in a bold way into a project and commit myself before I fully understand what direction I am going in.  I like that dangerous balance between spontaneous success and total failure, but this method has been the ruin of valuable materials many times.

 My art tends to be one method I use to communicate with myself and others as I try to use whimsy sometimes in my pieces.  My hope is that in this troubled world and in these difficult times, you will see this art and have a good feeling about it and about yourself.  Don't look for deep meanings in these pieces as there are none, I am a simple man just trying to be, more of a giver than a taker.




Born in San Diego, CA in 1945.  Took interest in art in junior high school.  Served in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam era.  Married in 1967 after knowing my wife for nine days, still married to Beverly after 40 years.  Have three children and five grandchildren. 

Earned a BFA degree in 1976 from California State University, Long Beach.  Taught design classes at Allan Hancock Community College in California while building a commercial sign business which operated successfully for thirty years when I sold it to retire in Colorado.


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